"American Idol: Season 2, Episode 1" is the first episode of the season 2 series.


American Idol is back!


American Idol starts with introducing the 3 judges, Brooklyn Guy, Mario, and Toad who will judge people on their singing and whoever gets 2 or 3 yes by the judges gets to go to Hollywood and whoever ultimately wins gets $1,000,000. The first contestant is Chef Pee Pee who sings Since You've Been Gone. The Brooklyn Guy liked it despite a bit screeching. Mario and Toad agree and Chef Pee Pee gets three yes's which is enough to go to Hollywood.

The next contestant is Joseph who argues about his last name being His Friend From School. He then sings Hit the Quan but messes it up by accidentally saying "Shit the Quan" instead of Hit the Quan. He gets only one yes from Toad, and Mario and the Brooklyn Guy disagree.

Cody and Ken are next, and Cody terribly sings Milkshake, then sings It's Raining Men and Ken takes it away. The 3 judges are amazed by Ken despite being a doll and Cody advances.

Bowser Junior comes in, much to the Brooklyn Guy's disappointment. Junior starts singing All Star, but he quickly forgets the lyrics and he says random words. Despite this, Junior gets two yes's from Mario and Toad, but the Brooklyn Guy gives Junior a no.

Peach is the next contestant, and Mario becomes surprised and shocked upon seeing her. After a bit of "difficulties" Peach starts singing Single Ladies. However, Mario was the only one that gave her a yes, just because he wants her back. Toad and the Brooklyn Guy gave her a no, eliminating Peach from American Idol, as she acts salty towards the judges.

After Peach, Tommy Lakitu appears and sings "Wrecking Ball". He disappears after a few seconds, leaving Mario, Toad, and the Brooklyn Guy surprised. He reappears, but with the turtle hidden. He asks if they want to see his turtle.

The final contestant is Rosalina and she sings three songs. The first song is "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", but she cries during the auditions. The judges have her try again with a different song, in which she chooses "Firework" and cries again. Her third song is "Let It Go", where she successfully gets a yes from all three. Mario, Brooklyn T. Guy and Toad talk about how they got true talent and say bye to the audience as the It moves to the SML question.



  • This video marks the official reboot of the American Idol series.
  • Out of all the characters who auditioned, Peach and Joseph were the only ones who didn't pass.
    • Also, out of all the characters who auditioned, Rosalina had the most songs, singing three. She is followed by Cody and Ken.
  • Logan reached 500,000 subscribers when he released this video.
  • This video marks the first appearance of Rosalina which is not in the background.
  • Logan also announced that he will release an American Idol episode weekly until they got to the Hollywood stage. However, as of July 7, 2017, there hasn't been one released since it was announced. This is probably due to the negative reception to this episode.
  • This video also ends the 7-year hiatus of the American Idol series.
    • However, after this video, no more American Idol videos have been uploaded.
  • This video was uploaded exactly a year after Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair!.
  • The auditions performed in this video are:
  • In the video, Chef Pee Pee sang "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. Coincidentally, Clarkson won the 2001 season of American Idol.
  • This marks the arrival of a brand new voice actress: Elaina Keyes.
  • There was only one episode in the whole series because it did not get very popular as Logan thought it would.


  • In 5:33, Bowser Jr. says Rockstar instead of All-Star, and in the next shot he says Rockstar again.
  • It's unknown why Mario didn't fall in love with Rosalina or see how beautiful she looked in this episode, but in Mario's New Girlfriend! he did. It's possible he was still in love with Peach and he didn't see it in Rosalina yet.
  • Rosalina states that once the sun comes out, all the stars go away. This is incorrect as the sun is one big star.


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