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Adolf Hitler, or simply Hitler, is a character based on the real life dictator and leader of Nazi Germany, and is friends with Craig The Devil. He lives in Hell, with Craig the Devil, and lays down beats for Craig The Devil in Black Yoshi's In Trouble!.

He also appears by voice in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Episode 2, as he was called by him when Craig had trouble on a question, He is very grumpy, as he shouted in German the whole time Craig called him, who told him to calm down.

He was also mentioned in First Day Of School!, when Joseph wrote "Adolf Hitler" on his name tag. He was mentioned in Bowser Junior Goes To The Future! under the alias "Zombie Hitler".


  • Adolf Hitler was an actual dictator, and he was the leader of Nazi Germany.
  • It is unknown if Hitler is staying in hell for eternity, a long period of time, a short period of time, etc. However, according to religion, Hell is eternal for all sinners, including Hitler himself.
  • Hitler might have an interest in music, as shown in Black Yoshi's In Trouble!, as he is a DJ.