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"A New Beginning" is the 22nd episode of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


Mario jumps in a time portal to take him back in time to stop everyone from dying. But, Mario soon finds out that he jumped into a dimension portal instead of a time portal. Mario is now stuck in a dimension where everything is reversed! Mario needs the help of smart Mama Luigi to get back to his old dimension!


The episode begins at the end of the previous episode, The Final Battle, where Mario jumps through the portal in the time machine while the original Yoshi is attacked and mauled by Diddy Kong. After, the screen then quickly shows the footage of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures rewinding from 2010 to 2007, until it later changes to where Mario falls off from the portal in the sky to the grass.

Joyfully, Mario quickly went back to his house, hoping that everybody he knew is still alive since he got back in time. But as he did, he then discovers that every room in his house is quiet and seemly nobody is in there. Suddenly, Mario hears a familiar voice coming from the kitchen, where he went there to find it is Bowser, who's working for Chef Pee Pee, by fixing food for him.

Mario watches Pee Pee mistreats and threats Bowser to make food for him and walks back to the master bedroom, which belongs to Bowser, watching Harleyyy and Friends (a twisted version of Charleyyy and Friends) on TV. In the show, it features Harleyyy, who's a white-skinned person (played by Logan) and has his same comical traits as Charleyyy doing his comical skit.

After watching Harleyyy and Friends, Chef Pee Pee walks back to the kitchen to check on Bowser for his grub, passing Mario, which Pee Pee is unaware of him.

Mario is confused by those two, and the show, until he thought it was just them as he proceeds to the different room to make sure that everyone else is comparable to Bowser and Pee Pee. He walks to the music room where he starts panicking as he discovers Toad has a deep-toned voice and sings country, rather than a normal high-pitched voice and sings rap.

Next Mario runs to the next room where he finds White Yoshi (a white-skinned version of Black Yoshi) playing Animal Crossing on the Wii hardware, rather than playing Call of Duty because he believes that it's too violent, and again starts panicking in confusion as he runs to bathroom, where he is shocked to see Shrek urinating on the toilet, rather than pooping. As Shrek finishes, he turns to saw Mario arrived and calls him "Camel", rather than the usual "Donkey".

Mario then tries himself a last chance hoping if Shrek is the real Shrek, as he questions the green ogre if he loves cheesecake. But Shrek then tells Mario that he loves the can of sweet peas, causing Mario to scream in panic and runs off, leaving Shrek happily dances and cheers for his love of sweet peas with a can of sweet peas can in his hand.

In the next room, where Mario is crying and still confused, after all of his discovery that his roommates are different rather than they used to act and starts to believe that the world is switched. But then, Mario saws Mama Luigi, who's also acting different, by reading his favorite book, acting intelligent and thinking Mario is stupid, compare what Mama Luigi usually is stupid and consistently makes obnoxious noises.

Mario then tells the smart Mama Luigi that's he was in his world where everyone is original, tells him his true story about how he ends up getting into the different world through the portal and then asks him on what's going on.

Since Mama Luigi learned about portals, he displays Mario two pictures of portals, one is blue and second is red, and asks him on which portals he went through. Mario points Mama Luigi the picture of the blue portal he got through, which makes Mama Luigi explain to Mario that, it turns out, the blue portal is a Dimension Portal, while the red one is a Time Portal, which Mario should've gone through.

Mama Luigi then tells Mario that Dimension Portals would take him to many different dimensions, like a dimension where there's no Obama as a black president or where Mario is handsome, but one where Mario is not bald, which doesn't exist at all, which causes Mario to sob, realizing that he's stuck in the dimension, he got in, forever. Mama Luigi, however, tries to cheers Mario up as he pleases him to play games featuring Luigi, in which Luigi is a mascot of Nintendo, with Mama Luigi, but that makes Mario sobs more.

But then, Mama Luigi came up with the solution and takes Mario to the kitchen, where he shows and hands him a Time Remote (which turns out that it's a toy cell phone) which will take Mario to different times and dimensions, warning Mario to be careful with it since it's dangerous. Mama Luigi forces Mario to go far away from him to the other side of the kitchen, fearing that he doesn't want to be poofed with Mario.

So as Mario did, he then presses the dimension button on the remote, causing him to disappear with a flash, and leaving Mama Luigi saying "Good luck, Mario. You're gonna need it".



  • This episode was uploaded 2 years after Logan's life-threatening surgery. [clarification needed]
  • This marks the first (and only) appearance of Harleyyy, who's show, Harleyyy and Friends, is a reference to the opposite, Charleyyy and Friends.
  • This video marks first (And only) appearance of Chef Pee Pee in Mario & Luigi's Stupid & Dumb Adventures appears as a alternate version


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