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"A Crazy Beginning" is the first episode of Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures


Once again, Princess Peach has been kidnapped. Mario goes after Bowser because he assumes Bowser is the evil mastermind behind the kidnapping, but it turns out that Bowser has no need to kidnap her. Mario teams up with Bowser to go find the kidnapper.


Mario tries to get a wife when Toad tells Mario that Peach has been kidnapped.

Mario thinks that Bowser kidnapped Peach so he goes to confront Bowser and Bowser tells him he didn't kidnap Peach.

However, when Bowser finds out that Charleyyy is kidnapped while trying to look for his job, Bowser decides to join Mario on his quest to save Peach.

While on the quest, Mario teaches Bowser how to question people on a problem, and so Bowser questions Koopa Troopa first, but when he says he doesn't know about the kidnapping, Bowser then beats him up. Mario tells him to not put in too much pain on the next accomplice.

So Bowser then questions Goomba, but instead of questioning him, he beats him up and Mario then tells Bowser that he needs to work on the questioning part.

Seconds later, Bowser gets a call from the home phone but he doesn't understand what the person is saying. Bowser humiliated and furious and with nothing now to lose destroys the phone in the process.



  • The words in the phone call sounds like "Peach is going to Singapore."
  • This is the first time Bowser accidentally kills a couple of his minions. However, it was an accidental murder and it was indirect. 
  • This is the Final Appearance of Koopa Troopa after Bowser Junior was around.
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