"A Crappy Thanksgiving" is the 5th episode of SML Shorts.


Shrek eats all the thanksgiving food.....and takes a crap...


The short starts with Shrek taking a dump on the toilet while Mario waits for Shrek to finish. Then, Mario opens the bathroom door and Shrek claims that he ate all of the thanksgiving food on the table and even part of the table itself. Shrek tries to get the food which is in his own crap.

Shrek told Mario to buy another table and it would be metal this time so that he wouldn't eat it. It was said that Black Yoshi would be the only one who would get angry about this because of his missing fried chicken. Mario told Shrek to finish his crap, then Shrek flushed the toilet and Mario told him to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to the camera and that is what he did, then he beat up Mario.

Mario came to Black Yoshi, who was playing the Xbox, to inform him about Shrek apologizing for eating everything at the Thanksgiving table. So, what Black Yoshi thought is stealing some fried chicken and the other food himself. Mario asked Black Yoshi if he stole the turkey and Black Yoshi said that he did for everyone, really fast. They had a conversation, then Mario told him that they're going to shop the next day, then asked him when Black Yoshi is going to sleep, then Black Yoshi told him that he is going to stay up all night because it's Black Friday, so he wants Mario to buy him some stuff and Black Yoshi told him what we wanted and sometimes stuff for someone else. Mario then told him and indirectly to everyone else in the house "Happy Thanksgiving".

The video ends with Taco Bell Chihuahua and Tony the Tiger saying "Happy Thanksgiving" as well, then an end screen shows up saying "happy thanksgiving!! New video every week!!!".



  • This video marks Taco Bell Chihuahua's only appearance in an SML Short.
  • This is the first time Shrek eats all of the Thanksgiving feast, the second being Mario's Thanksgiving Problem!.
  • This is the 1st time Mario and Black Yoshi fought over different sports teams. They later do this again in Super Bowl Commercials
  • This is the first SML Thanksgiving special.


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