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"2 Guys, 1 Yoshi" is the second episode of Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure.


The video starts with Peach in a cage, as a dark shadow approaches her.

Mario and Bowser continue their adventure, until they come across two Yoshi eggs. They decide to hatch the Yoshis so they can ride them.

The green one needs an apple, while the blue one needs a banana. Bowser goes to get the banana, but due to his fear of bananas after Bowser's Biggest Fear, he destroys the banana, and instead gets some other food for the Blue Yoshi.

However, the Blue Yoshi does not want the food, which frustrates Bowser so much that he destroys the egg.

Angry at his behaviour, Mario and Bowser get into an argument about who should ride the Green Yoshi. Bowser gives the green egg the apple, and a cute green Yoshi hatches out of it.



  • In the SML Question, it said who should get egg and the vote with the most comments wins. Mario won.

Bowser's fear of Banana's from Bowser's Biggest Fear and it's Sequel return in this video.


  • The name of the episode is a parody of "2 Girls, 1 Cup"
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