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Twenty-six unnamed people are Does Bad Things Guy's murder victims. Some of them are re-used from puppets that have been in SML videos, for example, D-Money Junior Emily Colemon.

They were killed by Does Bad Things Guys because he wanted their souls all for himself and so they can serve him in the afterlife. Does Bad Things Guy tells the new homeowners to not open the door and will not bother them, as long as they don't oven the door. If they do open the door, then Does Bad Things Guy will kill them, dispose of their furniture, clean the house, and resells the house so the cycle can repeat.

The victims are seen in The Secret Door (although a victim's skeleton was found back in The New House!), where they have no speaking roles, as if they were dead puppet victims.

Does Bad Things Guy was later killed by his twin brother, and his remains and the remains of his victims were later removed.


  • Based on what Jeffy saw, it is hinted that Does Bad Things Guy keeps his victims alive as hostages and tortures them until they die.
  • Many SML fans began to wonder what was actually behind the secret door and made video requests to the SML crew to know
  • The puppets were some that Logan would use in past videos.
  • Some of the SML crew feared to go into the Secret Door
  • Those victims are not the only ones who were found dead in the house. A 27th body was later discovered in the attic in The Magical Button!, but that victim committed suicide, so he isn't one of Does Bad Things Guy's victims.
  • The room is now used for storing huge props and fan mail. It is now currently planned to be Bowser's new room.
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